Travel Hacks in Australia
Make the most your time in the land downunder! Check out these awesome travel hacks to save you a heap of time and money on your roadtrip!

Research before you go!

Do a little research about the area you intend to visit…. knowing a bit more about where you are going will make your holiday more enjoyable and you will be sure not to miss out on any Must See’s or Must Do’s for the area. Ask the locals! Ask fellow travellers when at the campgrounds.


Not only are the gaps between major cities bigger than they are in Europe or the US – there are generally far fewer small towns between them. This delineation between urban and bush is massively to Australia’s credit. Once out of the city, it feels like you’re in the wild, rather than getting a short blast of green before the next settlement comes along.

some places don't get winter

Another common misconception is that because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are reversed from the northern hemisphere. That’s true in the south of the country, but definitely not in the north. The best time to visit Sydney may be November to April, but visitors don’t realise it’s the opposite for the Great Barrier Reef and the Top End – when that’s the monumentally soggy and sweaty wet season

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend that all travellers purchase travel insurance before embarking on holiday. This could save you a tonne of hassle and time if things go wrong!


Choose soft baggage where you can when packing for your holiday in order to maximise storage capacity in the campervan.

the sun is crazy down here!

Be sun safe! You must always try to wear sunscreen, at least SPF 30+ and its still possible to get sunburnt on cloudy or cool days

Free BBQ's!

Make use of the free BBQ facilities in most parks around Australia.

Australia is BIG. Don't push it

Do not drive tired. Stop at any sign-posted driver reviver area for an hour or two when feeling fatigued. In holiday season, many driver reviver areas are manned by volunteers with a welcome cuppa and snack.

don't tempt thieves

When parking the campervan, please make sure that all valuables are stowed away or taken with you and that all windows and doors are locked.

bushfires in summer

Bushfires are a common occurrence in Australia, so you must always abide by the restriction set by that particular region.

don't litter

When leaving a camp area or beach, please make sure that all that you leave behind are footprints!

swim between the flags

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but they can hold hidden dangers in the form of strong currents called rips. Avoid them by always swimming between the red and yellow flags.

poisonous animals

Poisonous Animals – Snakes, spiders, Marine stingers, Marine stingers are present in tropical waters from November to April. During this time you can only swim within stinger-resistand enclosures, which are set up on the most popular beaches. When Bushwalking or hiking you can avoid snake and spider bites by wearing protective footware and using your common sense.


It is essential that you carry enough water with you on your trip. Always carry enough water for you and your vehicle at all times.It is essential that you carry enough water with you on your trip. Always carry enough water for you and your vehicle at all times.


Australians will call everyone mate, whether they know them or not. Do not, however, assume that being called “mate” means they like you. There is key nuance in how long the letter ‘a’ is stretched out for. If it’s a “maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate” rolling on for seemingly eons, they love you. If it’s a short, sharp “mate”, they might be about to punch you.


“Manchester” What are you talking about? Oh. Bedsheets. Right. OK. And “doona”? Oh… a duvet.


If you are travelling in the school holidays or over a public holiday you may need to consider booking a camping spot in advance to avoid being turned away.

Travelling in Remote Places

With the Awesome campers you can not drive on any Dirt, Sand, Mud or Water.


The cost of petrol is likely to be one of the biggest outgoings on your road trip. Try using Motor Mouth to find the cheapest petrol on sale in your area and think about how much extra fuel you use by having the air-con on all the time.


Remember that you are responsible for the campervan while it is in your possession. This means that you should treat it like it was your own vehicle and carry out basic maintainence checks every 500km, such as checking the coolant levels and tyre pressure.


Make sure you know the height of the campervan and be wary of driving into car parks, under bridges or low hanging branches if you aren’t sure.