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Why are we Awesome?

Awesome Elgrand Camper

The Awesome Elgrand is custom built and fully equipped with everything two people need to Explore Australia.

Including gas cooker, double bed, fridge, dual battery, AM/FM Radio, AUX input, 240 watt power outlets, AUX/USB connection, and yes a kitchen with a sink, now that’s AWESOME!

*Please not these items may not be available in every vehicle

Kitchen Equipment

2 x Plates, 2 x Bowls, Bottle & Can Opener, 2 x Knives, 2 x Forks & 2 x Spoons, Saucepan & Frying Pan, Cooking Utensils, Chopping Board.

Bedding & Towels

2 x Pillows, 2 x Pillowcases, 1 x Duvet, 1 x Sheet, 2 x Towels.

Operating the Fridge

The fridge is powered by the inverter while driving, keeping your items cold as long as the engine is on. To keep the fridge on overnight or while the engine is off, it will need to be plugged in at your campsite. You can charge small electronic appliances (like phones) on the inverter at night without having to worry about it using up the main battery.

*Please not these items may not be available in every vehicle

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Why should I hire a Campervan in Australia?

Hiring a campervan in Australia can offer a plethora of benefits and unique experiences, making it an appealing option for travelers. Here are some compelling reasons why you might want to consider hiring a campervan for your Australian adventure:

Adventure and Flexibility: Traveling by campervan encourages a sense of adventure and spontaneity. You can wake up to a different view every morning, choose your next destination on a whim, and immerse yourself in the unique experiences that Australia has to offer.

Camping Experience: If you enjoy camping, hiring a campervan allows you to combine the outdoor experience with the convenience of a mobile home. You can camp in national parks, by the beach, or in designated campgrounds, enjoying the best of both worlds.

Meeting Locals and Other Travelers: Campervan travel often facilitates interactions with locals and other travelers. Whether it’s chatting with fellow campers at a campground or stopping at local markets and attractions along the way, you’ll have ample opportunities to connect with people and learn more about Australian culture.

Overall, hiring a campervan in Australia offers a unique and immersive way to experience the country’s diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and laid-back lifestyle. Whether you’re planning a short road trip or an extended journey, a campervan provides the ultimate sense of freedom and adventure.

What is budget campervan hire in Australia?

Budget campervan hire in Australia typically refers to rental options that are more affordable compared to premium or luxury campervans. These budget-friendly options often cater to travelers who are looking for cost-effective ways to explore Australia without sacrificing comfort or convenience. Here are some characteristics of budget campervan hire in Australia:

Basic Amenities: Budget campervans usually come with essential amenities such as a bed, basic kitchen facilities (like a stove or microwave), and storage space. While they may not offer luxury features like showers or toilets onboard, they provide the essentials for a comfortable road trip experience.

Compact Size: Budget campervans tend to be smaller and more compact compared to larger motorhomes or RVs. This makes them easier to maneuver on Australia’s roads and may also result in lower fuel costs.

Older Models: Some budget campervan rental companies offer older models or vehicles with higher mileage to keep costs down. While these vehicles may not be as modern or stylish as premium options, they are still reliable and functional for traveling around Australia.

Affordable Pricing: The primary advantage of budget campervan hire is its affordability. Prices are often lower compared to premium rental options, making it more accessible for budget-conscious travelers or backpackers.